Tuesday, March 08, 2005

It's all about attitude, sista/brotha

My dear, beloved reader,

Food is our friend. It nourishes us. Sustains us. Heals us. It brings us enjoyment through the eating experience.

We must learn to love our food. But that will happen only if we learn to love it for what it is.

Imagine if someone said they loved you but you knew they were not actually loving you for who you were, but instead they were loving an image they created in their mind of you.

They may be loving certain parts of you but the whole picture of what they were loving would be very, very wrong. This would be an extremely unhealthy experience for them!

So with food. And what is food, so we may appreciate it for what it is?

Food is our gift from G-d that enables us to be productive human beings without being tied to the ground (like plants). As mentioned above, it gives us strength and keeps us alive.

After all that, it is also a great enjoyment to consume. It tastes good. It is social. It is a very enjoyable experience to partake in food.

May we all strive to see food for what it is and through that, enjoy it and appreciate it immensely.


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