Sunday, February 27, 2005

Why do we eat?

You've probably heard this one before. We don't live to eat. We eat to live... But at some point, most of us have gotten into the habit of eating for the taste, the texture, the eating experience. Imagine if instead, you were eating with full kavana (intent?) of nourishing and healing your body?! What an amazing experience that would be!

I was telling someone, today, that I wish I could be at the level where I was eating to live. She said I must be sure not to try to take the enjoyment away from eating.

But imagine... If you could eat that delicious meal, just the amount that your body needs, no more, no less. How much more enjoyable would the eating experience be? You would no longer have all the negative connotations that go along with eating the wrong foods and/or the wrong amounts.

It would be such a healthy level of eating because you would be eating what you need, the amount you need, and without the stress of feeling bad in any way.

Do not fear! I realize this is something most of us will not be achieving tomorrow but I do think it's important to know what the ideal is.

Does this sound like a positive goal to be striving towards?


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