Friday, February 04, 2005

Healthy foods are expensive

Whoever has bought "healthy" foods knows that they are often expensive compared to the "unhealthy" versions. For example, a loaf of whole wheat bread could be 2-4 times more expensive than white bread.

First of all, I hope that will change. The price is obviously not based on the amount of work that has to go into these products since, as we know, whole wheat flour goes through less processing, not more, than white flour. The difference in price must be connected to the supply and demand factor. Because of this, hopefully, the more people buy it, the more will be made and the more the prices will go down (you economists, please let me know if I'm totally off!).

But meanwhile, what should you do? Look at what you are spending money on, as objectively as possible. There may be things you could cut out in order to have the extra money for the whole foods.

At the gym that I work at, a woman told me something that really blew me away. She had just signed up and she said she cancelled her TV cable and used that exact money to sign up to the gym. How beautiful is that?! You take the money that is being used for something that is mostly distructive and start using it for something so productive!

So, are you buying junk food? How about soda/pop? How much processed foods do you buy? How about ready made frozen (tivol is a fortune!), ready made cereals... How often do you leave the house without food in your bag so that you are forced to buy something to eat while out?

Think about it. The price for a piece of pizza is almost equal to the price for a loaf of whole wheat bread!

I shall never claim change is easy but please give yourself a priority check. If there is a certain unhealthy food (chocolate, soda, candy) you feel you must have in the house but you don't have enough money for whole wheat bread, you might want to rethink your priorities. Because what your body "must" have is whole grains and other whole foods that will protect you and keep you healthy, please G-d, till 120!


Blogger Douglas said...

Deena - Here in the US, low-cost healthy food markets are truly coming into their own.

Just dropping by...

(my favorite book: Fantastic Voyage: Live long enough to live forever.}

6/2/05 9:22 AM  

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